digital social media marketing strategy for startup business

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Digital social media marketing strategy for startup business

startup business for digital social media.

Today, the recipe for local business success includes a mobile-friendly website, local search, Search Engine Optimization, and other digital marketing tools. That’s because today’s customers – determined to find the best barbeque, landscaper, dentist, etc. – search on Google and Bing, by laptop and smartphone. They turn to Facebook friends and Yelp reviews, read blog posts, and trust tweets. Local digital marketing helps these customers find their way right to your door.

Combining the power of custom content with the reach of social media and the immediacy of text messaging, the SaltLight Collab is your ticket to connecting and engaging with customers. And with the support of our expert, on-demand service team, you’re never alone.

Meet the power tools you need to attract, engage and retain customers in this highly mobilized, uber-competitive online marketplace. Browse our digital marketing solutions to discover what combination works best to keep your business visible, viable – and profitable.